Welcome to my Monopoly® Blog

My name is Chris Mospaw and I have been a Monopoly® fan and collector for more than 30 years. I used to have a really huge collection of games an related memorabilia. That was sold in 2005, and now my collection is going virtual! If you remember my old site, no fears. It’s still around. It’s still an interesting resource.

This blog will showcase some of the same information as the old site, but will also add a lot more information, including information on the latest Monopoly® game versions being released and where you can purchase them.

Despite not being updated in a meaningful way since 2000, the old site still receives a lot of traffic, not to mention quite a few emails. Many of those emails ask questions about how some rules are interpreted. A feature of this new blog will be an archive of those questions, as well as a page where you can ask me anything you want (hopefully about Monopoly®).

This blog, like the original site, is dedicated to the other Monopoly® collectors and enthusiasts out there who are looking for a decent place on the Internet to find out about Monopoly®.

Take a look around. This blog was first put up on October 1, 2006, so if you’re visiting in early October, it will take a bit to get all of the content in place. Stop back often.


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Chris Mospaw

PS: I live in Las Vegas now (actually since 2005). If you’re looking for Las Vegas information, I invite you check out OnverheardInVegas.com and search for what you need. Enjoy!