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Polk County Online is a service of INsight America. We offer a variety of Internet, publishing and business consulting services that can be fine-tuned to meet your business needs.

INsight America can provide you with a variety of web solutions for you or your company. Whether you need a simple presence to promote your business location or service, or a complex interactive site, we can create the web presence you need. We can also help you promote your site, to help guarantee that people will visit again and again.

Our basic sites start at a very reasonable $195, including multiple pages and graphics, custom designed to match your business image.

We offer a number of different options to bring people back to your site again and again. Not all items are included in all packages, so please contact us for specific details.

We invite you to examine some sites we have developed and currently maintain:

Every site we maintain is constantly undergoing refinement. Please bookmark them so you can check on the progress!

Some of the custom services we provide include:

Optimized Graphics
Provided to all customers at no extra charge. Optimized graphics convey the information on your site quicker and more efficiently while maintaining very high quality. We use the latest software and techniques to insure the best results.

Custom Animations
[ Amimation example ] From the simple to the complex, animations add spice and pizazz to your pages. We use the latest techniques and software to produce animations of extremely high quality and extremely high value.

Photos and Artwork
[ Photograph example ] We can incorporate any photos or artwork into your site. Our web-ready scanning hardware and digital photography capabilities, combined with optimization, ensure beautiful results every time.

Our state of the art software can also produce special effects and edits to your photos and artwork.

Company Logos
[ MOLY-NRG logo ] Your logo is your company's business identity. That's why it's important to have a logo that is easily recognized by your customers. If you already have a professional logo, it's vital to reproduce it correctly and attractively. If you don't have a logo, our artists can produce one for you to use on the Internet - or anywhere you want. Your online image is our primary concern, and that's why we always take extra special care when producing or reproducing a logo.

Interactive Forms
Designed to allow your customers to give you the information you need through a friendly interface. Get customer feedback, receive orders, or survey your site's visitors.

Forms are designed to your specifications, and completed forms are directed to the email address you specify. For an example of an interactive form, see our contact page, or the one to the right.

Custom Programming
Give your site that extra dimension of usability by giving your customers interactive worksheets. (Example) A search engine is another great tool, and is recommended for larger sites so your customers can find information quickly and easily.

We are capable of programming nearly any type of application you can think of. Contact us for complete details!

Private Domain Names
Private domains names allow your internet address to be www.yourcompany.com. They enhance your online image while providing quicker access to your site. If you are interested in reserving your company name, please contact us as soon as possible!

Of course, we can also offer economical hosting on one of our existing proprietary domains.

Web Site Hosting
You can have an internet site, even if you don't own a computer. We provide the hosting and high speed file-servers, with direct connections to the internet. We can take care of all of the details, including account set up and file uploads. We take the work out of getting on the Internet

Whether you have your own domain or use ours, your pages will be delivered reliably and at the highest speeds possible.

Web Site Promotions
The key to a successful site is promoting it. This includes strategic placement in major search engines and advertising on other sites. All of our clients get free links on the Polk County Online web site.

In addition to links and advertising, we will aid you in developing a comprehensive site promotion strategy to maximize your site's effectiveness. Our professionals have been on the web since it's very beginnings, and have developed the necessary skills to get your site noticed.

Web Site Updates
The web's best asset is it's ability to change nearly instantly. Up to the minute news and stock quotes, real time weather, and other "instant" information is simply not available through traditional publishing methods, such as newspapers and magazines, and without the high costs of radio and television.

We offer a number of site maintenance options for under $20 a month. We can also update the information on your existing site, or bring it to one of our servers. Whichever option you choose, we are here to help you keep your site fresh and accurate.

Customer Support
The web can be intimidating to the novice and veteran alike. Our staff's talents encompass many disciplines and has they possess vast knowledge of nearly every aspect of the Internet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our services or the Internet and world wide web in general.


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