Central Florida's Sports Center

Polk County buzzes with sports activity year-round, from baseball to bowling. As the spring training home of three major-league baseball teams, Polk County is the capitol of Florida's baseball connections.

Here fans can see some of baseball's finest athletes, including the

Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, and Detroit Tigers

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and watch as they battle it out with rivals from both the National and American Leagues.

Polk also plays host to several other premier events in sports ranging from golf and tennis to skydiving. These handy links will help you find what you are looking for.

A wide variety of professional and amateur sporting events, from basketball to hockey, fill the calendar at The Lakeland Center.

For golf fans, Polk is home to dozens of challenging courses. Tennis fans will find dozens of venues, numbering over 100 public courts, or check out the 1700-seat stadium at Grenelefe.

Fans of the most radical sport of all have a chance to see the best skydivers in the world at several events at the The World Skydive Center.

If you are a true participant, check out the amateur sports events schedule for Polk County.


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