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Tires should be balanced prior to the addition of Flat Free. However, it is possible to properly balance tires treated with Flat Free on modern spin balancing equipment.

The normal techniques used in spin balancing a tire must be adjusted or varied to adjust to the Flat Free that is now inside the tire. Computerized spin balancers usually accelerate very rapidly to a speed of about 55 mph, then instantly shut off, registering the imbalance condition of the tire on a digital scale.

Perfect Balance
CEMB C31 Computerized Spin Balancer
The CEMB "C31" Spin Balancer was used in various tests with tires that had Flat Free installed.
It was able to perfectly balance the tire every time without altering the standard balancing procedure in any way. We recommend the use of the CEMB C31 on tires with Flat Free installed.

When balancing a tire containing Flat Free, the automatic shut-off mechanism of the machine must be defeated or turned off so that the operator can control the duration of the rotation. The Flat Free must have time to circulate evenly around the entire tire and wheel area. A mallet or hammer may be used to help distribute the product.

It may take several minutes for even distribution of Flat Free to occur, at which point the machine should be shut off, registering any imbalance of the tire. This imbalance should be noted, and the machine should then be started and stopped in its normal way until the registered imbalance repeats. The appropriate weights should be added to the wheel in the normal manner. The tire balance should be re-checked and any further adjusts made as necessary.

When the spin balancer starts and stops suddenly during its normal operating cycle, it can help to speed up the distribution of Flat Free around the tire's inner cavity. Therefore, this action may be intermixed with the period on continuous high-speed rotation of the wheel on the balancing machine as indicated above.

Once a tire is properly balanced and contains Flat Free, the resultant balance condition is more nearly perfect than can be achieved with lead weights alone. This is because lead weights are usually calibrated in fractions of an ounce, whereas Flat Free distribution is very minute. In addition, as a tire wears from normal use, which in itself can alter the balance, Flat Free will continuously and automatically compensate for such wear by maintaining perfect balance.

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