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[ Flat Free Home Page ] The DiamondSeal and DiamondSeal RV Dealer Warranty Programs are specifically designed for automobile and RV dealerships.

DiamondSeal warranties are marketed exclusively by dealers. They provide:

    [O] Exceptional profits to your dealership
    [O] Safety, savings, and peace of mind for your customers
    [O] Non-prorated tire warranty
    [O] Increased customer service opportunities
    [O] Insured coverage and simple claims procedures

There are a variety of aftermarket products and programs for your customer. But they all protect the car. The DiamondSeal programs are the only ones out there that protect your consumer by:

    [O] reducing the possibility of flat tires from punctures and leaks
    [O] Pays for cost of flat tire repair or replacement of tire
    [O] Protects tire for its legal tread life
    [O] Protects customer and loved ones on the road

Most programs and products are "one-time" wonders. You only sell them with the car. DiamondSeal will increase your dealership's service opportunities and will enhance customer perception of "value received" from your dealership. Revenues are further enhanced when the customer brings other vehicles into your dealership for protection.

Tire sealants come in many "shapes & sizes". Our exclusive formula has been extensively tested, and is backed with over $3 million in insurance. No other sealant program can offer you:

    [O] Environmentally safe (non-toxic, non-flammable)
    [O] Permanently seals punctures up to 1/4 inch
    [O] Helps prevent porosity, bead and valve stem air loss
    [O] Protects against tire dry rot, rim rust and oxidation

Please contact ASI directly or use our information request form if you are interested in the DiamondSeal program. We will have an online application shortly.

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