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Global Tire Sales 1996 Global Tire Sales by Manufacturer
Michelin - 18.6%
Bridgestone - 18.3%
Goodyear - 16.6%
Continental - 6.6%
Sumitomo - 5.7%
Pirelli - 4.5%
Yokohama - 3.7%
Toyo - 2.7%
Cooper - 2.0%
Kumho - 1.9%
Hankook - 1.6%
Others - 18.5%

 Collage of Letters Flat Free is guaranteed not to void manufacturers warranties on tires, and we have the letters to prove it. Unlike some other products, Flat Free does not chemically interact with the rubber of the tire, so it cannot cause damage.

Copies of letters sent to American Sealant International, Inc. from major tire companies are on file at our offices and available online in PDF format (207K).

In order to view the document, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0. If you do not have the Acrobat reader, it is available free from Adobe Systems, Inc.

[PDF] View the Flat Free Tire Manufacturer Letters
(207K, 6 pages)

[PDF] View the Flat Free Installation Amounts Guide
(44K, 6 pages)

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