What is "Green Partners?"

[ Green Partners Seal ]

" A Partnership of Polk County Businesses...

    Dedicated to Preserving Our Environment"

Green Partners is a private, charitable 501-c3 organization, meaning contributions are fully tax-deductible. We are controlled by a voluntary board of directors, who determine organization policy and direction. The board is assisted by a Technical Committee comprised of specialists and experts in the various fields included in our "Environmental Standards".

[ Green Partners Volunteers ]
Green Partners President Robert Connors and LE/AD President Cheryl Schwartz (left) staff a booth at Polk County's Earth Day Celebration with LE/AD Executive Director Bill Fenton and Technical Committee Volunteer Mike Britt

Polk's Green Partners program is a "business-friendly" organization designed to recognize and assist and businesses and other organizations who are committed to protecting the environment, and making Polk County a better place to live. Members accomplish our goals by:

    Identifying waste management, pollution prevention, and conservation measures

    Developing alternatives to minimize waste or redirect operating processes which may result in economic and environmental savings

    Creating awareness of state and local regulations

    Creating a healthier, safer work environment

    Providing a one-stop resource for information on a wide range of environmental and regulatory issues in a voluntary, friendly, and confidential manner

Green Partners was created through the leadership of a coalition of private and public organizations dedicated to preserving Polk County's environment, including:

    Lakes Education/Action Drive
    City of Lakeland
    City of Winter Haven
    Polk County Environmental Services Department:

      Natural Resources and Drainage Division
      Recycling and Waste Reduction Section
      Hazardous Waste Management Section
    Polk County Cooperative Extension Service
    Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission
    Southwest Florida Water Management District
      Peace River Basin Board
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