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Is your favorite shop helping protect our environment? Do they display a Green Partner seal?

As good citizens, we all want to do our part to protect our fragile environment. Clean air and clean water are important to us. That's why we began the Green Partners program, to assist and encourage businesses to protect our resources.

Many area businesses are committed to reducing pollution and contamination of our resources through the recycling of used materials, safe handling of hazardous wastes, and application of best management practises.

Businesses voluntarily apply for certification as a Green Partner and submit an Environmental Management Plan, which they develop with the assistance of the Green Partners Program. Granting of a Green Partner certificate is based on adherence to the standards of the Plan, and the Green Partners Program.

A Green Partner business is recognized as a leader on environmental issues, and is entitled to display the Green Partners seal on their places of business, advertising and packaging, in compliance with the licensing rules of the program.

The benefits of the program for member businesses are several:

    A positive corporate image as a responsible, efficient manager of resources, committed to reducing pollution and waste

    Recognition as a provider of a safe, healthy work environment

    Savings in long-term avoided costs of pollution cleanup, and waste disposal

Can You Participate?

Yes, through our three phases:
    - Get acquainted with the program, and meet with a Green Partners volunteer
    - Obtain a checklist to evaluate your businesses participation, and obtain management approval
    - Develop your own Environmental Management Plan, with the available assistance of Green Partners Guidance Documents

    As a consumer, support and patronize Green Partner member businesses.

How Can You Get Started?

It's Simple! Just e-mail a Green Partners representative or write to:

    Green Partners
    50 Environmental Loop
    Winter Haven, FL 33880

and ask for the Green Partners Checklist. This booklet outlines the areas that a business will consider in development of their plan. The booklet also serves as a guide to management practices required to comply with state, federal and local regulations.

    "A Partnership of Polk County Businesses...

      Dedicated to Preserving Our Environment"

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What is Green Partners?

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