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Hope Christian Counseling Services

[ The stresses of everyday life need not be destructive ] Bettye West & Associates, Inc. was established in Florida in February 1994 for the purpose of enabling Christian hospitals, churches, Christian ministries, health care organizations, and Christian business professionals to better serve the Body of Christ.

Inpatient Treatment

Operating as H.O.P.E. Psychiatric Management & Consulting Services, a d/b/a of Bettye West & Associates, Inc., the company seeks to provide Christian hospitals with quality faith-based treatment programs. We currently manage an inpatient adult psychiatric program operated by a 200-bed general hospital system in Central Florida.

Outpatient Treatment

The company also seeks to manage non-profit outpatient counseling centers affiliated with Christian hospitals. Mental health Counseling is an essential component in the healing process, and vital to the healthy community of the future. Christian hospitals are aware of the need to provide a therapeutic environment in which clients can deal with personal and family issues.

HOPE currently manages a hospital-based counseling center, and is in the process of opening an additional center. Services provided include selection of qualified staff, organization services, establishment of billing procedures, supervision of clinical programming, systems development, and marketing of services.

Church-Sponsored Christian Counseling Centers

Bettye West & Associates, Inc. assists churches to develop non-profit Christian Counseling Centers. Faced with liability issues of pastoral counseling and the need to supplement their efforts with licensed professional counselors, HOPE provides expertise to churches in managing the important tasks of client screening and referral, confidentiality, documentation, ethical issues, and billing.

We will consult with a church to develop a center for a moderate fee, or will develop a not-for-profit center and manage the center under the sponsorship of the church.

Drug-Free Workplace

Many benefits ranging from lower state Worker's Compensation rates to the ability to sign government contracts are derived from setting up a drug free workplace. Also, many employee problems, such as absenteeism, high turnover, low productivity, and low morale are also improved.

In fact, the savings often more than pay for any costs involved. Bettye West & Associates, Inc. assists businesses to develop internal policies and protocols for a state-approved dug free work place program and provides assistance during implementation including employee and management education.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's) are designed to assist businesses with counseling and the referral of problem employees.

The EAP, in concert with a Drug Free Work Place program, is the perfect tool to improve the workplace. Bettye West & Associates, Inc. consults with hospitals and Christian businesses to develop and implement cost-effective EAP's.

Management Consulting

Consulting services are provided to health care organizations and churches in the areas of human resource management, organizational development, conflict management, and productivity.

Services include the development of personnel policies, payroll systems, organizational design, staffing systems, etc. The staff of Bettye West & Associates, Inc. and HOPE also organize spiritual seminars and retreats for health care personnel, church staffs, and laity on a variety of topics.

If you need additional information, please use our contact page.

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