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Installing Flat Free from the retail kit is quick and easy. It takes just mintues to permanently treat the tires on a vehicle.

It's an easy "do it yourself" job. All you need is your Flat Free retial kit and a source of air. The valve core remover is included in the kit.

 Snip 1/4 inch off tip spout.
 Position valve core at 7 o'clock, remove valve core, and deflate tire.
 Attach the plastic hose over the spout. Attach the other end of the hose to the valve stem.
 Squeeze the bottle until the appropriate amount of Flat Free has been installed in each tire.
 Replace valve core and inflate tire to recommended pressure.

Installation Amounts Per Tire
Tire TypeAmt to Inst.Tire TypeAmt to Inst.
Bicycles4 oz.Trailer Tires 6.90-12 size8 oz.
Riding Mowers Front8 oz.Trailer Tires 8.25x1516 oz.
Riding Mower Rear16 oz.Truck, Van, Motor Home* 15" & 16" rims8 oz.
Golf Carts16 oz.Automobile Tires* 13" & 14" rims5 oz.
Motorcycles* 4.50-18 size8 oz.Automobile Tires* 15" & 16" rims6 oz.
ATV32 oz.  

Please see dealer's chart for sizes not listed and for non-automotive applications.

* Automobile, motorcycle, van, truck, and motor home tires must be balanced prior to installation.

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