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Flat Free is manufactured and distributed by American Sealant International of Winter Haven, Florida, and is labeled and shipped internationally for a variety of distributors. Flat Free is also labeled under a number of different brand names both in the United States and abroad.

Our sealant is not only the most advanced on the market, but our strict quality control procedures insure a product with quality and consistency.

We can label Flat Free Tire Sealant for you under a variety of programs. We have a complete packaging facility, including bottling and labeling machines, fillers, and a distribution warehouse. We do not require you to purchase huge quantities to provide this service. In fact, our start-up costs for private labeling are usually lower than other companies charge you just to use their products.

We can use your existing labels, or have our graphics department develop them for you. Please contact us for more information about label production.

The logos to the right represent just a sampling of Flat Free's private labeling clients. Due to confidentiality clauses in several contracts, we are prevented from displaying several other brands on this page.

Private labeling isn't just for large clients. Charities, schools, and organizations have used private labeling for fund raisers to add that extra touch of personalization. If you would like more information on private labeling, please check the box on our information request form.

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