Technical Product Owner and Manager w/dev experience

The Elevator Pitch

I am Chris Mospaw. I grew up near Buffalo, NY and my childhood was a normal one, at least as normal as a childhood in Western New York during the 1970's and 1980's could be. I also spent a lot of time in Florida during my formative years, which probably explains my somewhat unusual outlook on life. I have also lived in Orlando, FL, Las Vegas, NV, and Denver, CO. As of 2022, my wife and I have settled in Central Texas not too far from San Antonio and Austin.

Some of the positions I have held include magazine editor, used car salesman, graphic artist, newspaper production manager (and reporter), corporate trainer, typesetter, system administrator, web designer, computer programmer, and maître d' of a steakhouse for one night. I am currently a Technical Program Manager, but capable of filling many similar roles.

History and experience in the digital realm

My fascination with computers began in the days of the Commodore 64. Over forty years in front of a computer screen has left me with a broad and deep understanding of technology. Computer and communications technology continues to excite me to this day, and I have enjoyed using it to accomplish a variety of interesting things over the years.

The Internet has been my primary focus since around 2001, but definitely not my only one. I have kept my print design knowledge current, and love aesthetics and elegance no matter what the medium. I really appreciate cohesive branding across all media and strive for that in my own efforts.

I got into "the Internet"

After being prompted by a client around 1996 to get into "internet development for that web thing", I learned basic HTML and enjoyed being able to integrate the print design I was doing into this new platform. Initially, web development was a slow, cumbersome, very manual process.

One of the employees at the hosting company my client used showed me a neat new thing called "PHP/FI" that allowed a web site to be broken into various small pieces very easily. PHP/FI grew into PHP and from 1997 through around 2020, I grew as a programmer, web developer, web application architect, and complete nerd.

Along the way, I even got "Certified Scrum Product Owner" and "Certified Scrum Master" certifications. Today, I help manage the people who product amazing things on the Internet as a Technical Product and Project Manager.

What's on this site?

This site contains a little bit of everything about my professional life, including my current resume and experience, some of my older web work and portfolio the tools I use, how to get in touch, and even some old posts from a while back.

My more personal blog is called "Thoughts" and lives on its own site.

Where am I now?

In October 2021, I started as a Technical Product Manager / Scrum Master at Pagely. Three weeks later, GoDaddy bought Pagely, I was made a Sr. Technical Project Manager III, and promoted to Technical Program Manager IV a few months later.

I am currently open to discussing new opportunities and would love to talk if you have something.