Web & Older Work Portfolio

This page contains a presentation I did for Denver WordCamp in 2016 as well as older design work I did for various clients over the years. Nothing here reflects my current career work, but I do maintain my programming, development, and design skills to a small degree.

Not my first public speaking engagement, but my first "official" presentation at WordCamp. Watch the full video by clicking the screen capture above.

This talk starts by briefly touching on setup and installation, and then moves into some of the basic commands. Then it covers a few tricks, and finally how to easily extend WP-CLI with your own commands.

See the Presentation Slides.

Other Web Work

Below is a partial listing of my web work, spanning the time frame from 1997 - 2006. These are mostly live links to the various sites, although some are hosted on mospaw.com. They may have changed since I worked on them, or might no longer be available.


Greetlets is an ecard site with a twist: you can make your own cards. Using cutting-edge AJAX, CSS, and other Web 2.0 technologies, simplifying and enhancing the user experience was the primary goal. I worked on virtually all design aspects as well as much of the card creation programming in PHP.


Designed a WordPress theme from scratch for an online blog. My customer wanted something light and fresh but slightly glitzy and fitting in with a "Las Vegas" theme.

Steve Friedl's
Home Page

Steve Friedl, a California-based software consultant needed to update his site and bring it into standards compliance. He asked us to not only design the site, but to convert it to full CSS-compatibility. I have also done many of the title graphics for his popular "Tech Tips".


Developed generic engine with various network tools that can be easily re-skinned. Skins include a Vegas-style slot machine that interactively shows your current IP address, a generic site with basic information, as well as a theme for the Canadian-based version of the site.

Basic requirements for the engine were SEO-based RSS feed generation and a suite of network tools such as traceroute, whois, and ping, as well as several JavaScript-based tools to give browser information. Placement of Google Adsense ads was optimized for maximum effectiveness.


Was given the task of redesigning a site to work with an existing engine. Emphasis for the design was maintaining the design integrity of the site, maximizing SEO and standards compliance, getting relevant ads and placement, while keeping flexibility so that all messages displayed correctly. This was all done within the confines of working with the current engine virtually unchanged.

 My Monopoly Collection

A site showcasing my personal Monopoly and Game Collection. Created in 1996 and updated through 2000. I recently sold the collection, but will soon be launching a Monopoly blog.

DSL Reports / Broadband Reports

Redesigned the site's logo, which had been in use for four years. I have also served as a volunteer moderator since 2001.


For a number of years, the only site on the Internet specifically about Polk County, Florida. The site's purpose was to be a guide of what to do, see, and eat in the area. The site evolved over a period of years and had several advertisers. I am no longer involved with the site as it exists.

Polk Museum of Art

The first site done for the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida. It was originally conceived and programmed to be a dynamic site that reflected the changing nature of exhibits, etc.

ASI Car Care

ASI Car Care has a line of waxes, washes, and other products designed for automobile maintenance. They wanted a site that was clean and classy, to back up the look and feel of their packaging, which I also helped design.

Rose 98.3 FM Radio

A Lakeland, Florida radio station wanted to make-over their ineffective web site. This is the design that we proposed to them, updating an ugly site that didn't present the information clearly.

Green Gables Inn

Green Gables Inn in Lake Wales, Florida wanted a simple and easy site to highlight their unique property and its amenities.

Hope Counseling Centers

Hope wanted a site to showcase some of their major areas of expertise, as well as their staff an qualifications. They also wanted to maintain the same look and feel as the rest of their

Kent Oil Company

Kent Oil produces a variety of lubricants based on Molybdenum and wanted to demonstrate the unique properties of their formulations in a web site. They had very little existing graphic material, so a look and feel was created for them.

Flatfree Tire Sealant

An extensive site with many animations showing the benefits of Flatfree tire sealant. Includes maps, FAQ's, consumer information and information for prospective distributors.

Towerview Motors

A template design.

The Learning E.D.G.E.

A template design.

LoneStar Shooting

A template design.