This is one of several posts I originally made in 2005. Some of the specifics have changed, including the focus of my work from "some design and a some programming" to "full time web development". In general their message remains valid, so they're worth keeping around.

Partial Portfolio Posted

From late 1995 through early 1998 I worked as an independent print and web designer and had a variety of customers. I was also involved in the web site (for Polk County in central Florida, near Orlando). In 1998, I got a “regular job”, so the number of my designs went down, since my efforts were concentrated on working for the company that employed me.

It’s now 2005 and a recent relocation to the Las Vegas, Nevada area has given me an opportunity to work for customers again in a variety of capacities. In setting up, I dug through some of my old customer folders (and some of the newer ones as well) and found a few of the web sites I have designed. This list is not comprehensive, and some of the code is “old style”. It should, however, give a rough idea of some of the concepts I have come up with.

Take a look here: Chris Mospaw’s Resume & Portfolio

Please check back from time-to-time. As I consolidate files and check the archives, I will find and post other sites I have worked on. Better yet, get in touch today and I will be happy to design a site for you and add it to the list!