Beaver Builder

If WordPress makes it a breeze to create the web site you want, Beaver Builder turns it into a hurricane. With it, you can lay out content quickly, create reusable templates for all sorts of things, and generally make things happen so much faster and with far less effort.

Why I use Beaver Builder

You might wonder why someone like me who can do heavy-duty WordPress theme and plugin development would use a tool like Beaver Builder. The main reason is that 99% of what I would need to do with custom theme design and site layout can be done easily and “out of the box” by Beaver Builder (and the really great add-on Beaver Themer). This site was built from scratch in a few hours as I learned  how to use Beaver Builder and Themer.

Doing this saved me dozens of hours of code development time, and will continue to do so as I make changes in the future, all without touching any code. The interface is an easy “drag and drop” system. Both simple and complex layouts alike can be conceived, saved, and reused with ease. Aftermarket modules are even available to save time doing that. It’s a great system and one of my “must haves” in WordPress.

If you have a WordPress site, or even if you develop them, you need Beaver Builder. It’s not free, but it’s worth every penny.

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