MySQL is the database that makes so many web sites possible. PHP might power the web, but MySQL is usually right behind there providing the data necessary for today’s web sites. One of MySQL’s chief advantages is that like many of the tools I use, it’s open source. This makes it free to use as well as free to modify to suit your needs. If I’m being perfectly honest, I would probably never need to modify a database’s code. The main attraction is the “free” part. But it’s nice to know I can if I ever have to.

WordPress uses MySQL

MySQL is the only database used with WordPress. It’s baked right in, and that’s nearly 30% of all web sites right there. MySQL is used with other blogging and content management systems, along with custom solutions, making it the most popular database on the Internet.

There are other open source databases — some that have advantages over MySQL, in fact — but MySQL remains the king, which is why I use it in my projects.

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