Vagrant takes virtual machines to the next level. It is a tool that sets up a virtual machine, configures it and can even install software on it. Once the machine it set up, it can be saved as a “box” an re-used, updated, and so on. In a few words: Vagrant simplifies using and sharing virtual machines.

I use Vagrant professionally to have local virtual machines that duplicate the environments of various production machines as closely as possible. Having consistency prevents those annoying subtle bugs (and not so subtle ones) caused by inconsistencies between environments. The easy of setup and ability to quickly set up these machines anywhere makes my life so much easier. Changing things is simple, too. Just edit a config file and issue a couple of commands. BOOM! Back in business.

Vagrant even helps with WordPress

Personally, I do all of my WordPress development in VVV (odd and annoying name; great tool), which is a Vagrant set up specifically for WordPress, including the tools you’ll need server-side to get things done. This saves huge amounts of time and setup on a local machine.

If you work with virtual machines, you’ll also want to get Vagrant. Thanks HashiCorp!

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