Cloud Station

People get mystified by “the Cloud” but it’s really not that complicated. I have one of my own and I let Cloud Station, a part of Synology’s NASes, control the files I want “out there”.

The nice part is that Cloud Station has clients for all the major operating systems including mobile devices. Files that I put into my cloud are available to me anywhere I have an internet connection, whether it’s my desktop, one of my laptops, my phone or my tablet.

Since I own the Cloud, I’m in complete control of it.

Layer your Clouds

Cloud Station, in combination with Synology’s Cloud Sync (which runs on the NAS), can enable multiple Cloud services to sync within it, creating a multi-layer cloud with added robustness and the advantage of only needing to run one client. I use my NAS for lots of different things, but the main one is access to my files from anywhere.

Cloud Station just makes it that much easier.

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